To report fives (five-by-five) is to say; I read you loud and clear. Reporting Fives is a not-so-weekly dispatch, comprising five ideas, one for each day of the working week.




Björn Rust

Week Six (Reboot)

Curiosity > Passion  Zero-sum workforce  The course of my life, so far  Doing away with bullshit  Opportunity hoarding

Week Five

Humanity in the fourth Industrial Revolution  Devolution  Walkable  The gene-drive  Practical quantum computers

Week Four

Technology and the empowerment of women  Procrastination for creativity  If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it  Rise of the commune  Animals in Space

Week Three

Ego depletion and morality  Democratic design and the environment  The carport for essential living  Call me Trim Tab  Flipping the script

Week Two

A case for cognitive strain  There’s more than one of you in there  Glut  Day of Mourning  Humans as part of the system

Week One

Emails from a Stoic  Remembering the last man on the Moon  The influence of IQ  What’s in a name  Putting something back into the world

Reporting Fives is inspired by the words of Lucius Annaeus Seneca (pictured), from his second letter to Lucilius:

»Each day, too, acquire something which will help you to face poverty, or death, and other ills as well. After running over a lot of different thoughts, pick out one to be digested thoroughly that day.«

This project is an effort by its author, Björn Rust, to share that one thing, albeit, not very regularly. Please consider subscribing all the same.